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 I'm a Bristol-based Guitar player, composer, songwriter and musician.

Here are some things I can teach you: 
- Electronic music methods such as: Sampling, Synthesis and audio manipulation
- Scales and how to use them in improvisation
- Right-hand techniques (fingerpicking, plectrum use)
- Theory & Harmony
- Songwriting

- Songs you want to learn

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I am 28 years old, and have a lot of experience playing the guitar and studying music. I have a BA in Songwriting from BIMM Bristol and I'm currently studying an MA in Popular Music Practice.

Despite having had a few different teachers and mentors, I am somewhat self-taught and have learnt a lot of the music I know by ear. However, the techniques I use are a mix of what I have been taught by my teachers and what I have developed personally.


My teachers have influenced me and continue to influence my guitar playing, the way I think about music and my approach to teaching.

Some of my main influences on the guitar: Baden Powell, Bert Jansch, Pierre Bensusan, Tony McManus, John Mclaughlin, John Mayer, Paul Simon... the list continues.